A new standard for the punk ethos in the Bitcoin on-chain ecosystem. The punk standard leverages the Ordinals theory and Bitmap theory to create a decentralized and equitable space for culture.

The punk standard will continuously evolve through regular updates.

The punk standard is an abstract concept designed to build an on-chain punk ecosystem. It aims for recognition among fellow punks, whether they are part of the Bitmap Punks, Bitcoin Punks, Recursive Punks, Cursed Punks, or even Crypto Punk communities.

The punk standard can be adopted and modified to meet the needs of each respective project. It offers a variety of on-chain operations, including:

  • Identity

These operations support the on-chain ecosystem, including the valuable Bitmap land that will be generated by all of us, creating a chain effect that will benefit the entire Bitcoin ecosystem.

Our goal is to make it all come full circle, using the idea of a Bitcoin Metaverse as our foundation for what the future can hold for all of us, the true punks of society.

By leveraging the Ordinals theory, the punk standard creates a decentralized and equitable space for culture.

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